Computer Lab

The school has an efficient computer lab, with latest softwares. All computers are equipped with internet connection, so that students can learn beyond textbooks.

Sports Ground

We have an outdoor ground, for the physical growth of students. We also teach moral values to the students so that their personality also enhances.

Dance Room

The dance room is the shrine of expressive arts, these skills help students to unleash their thoughts and be happy. Our dance room is well equipped with an audio system for dance practice.


The school has well-equipped laboratories that are Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab & Biology Lab. Here the students are given practical knowledge about the subject, where they learn applications of science.


Our school library is a learning space dedicated to fulfilling all academic needs for students. The library is constantly refurnished and restocked with the latest books and other references. There is huge space for research and reading. We believe that books can be a student’s best friend, constantly guiding them towards progress.